Removing Water Spots

Water is an enemy to wood and very frequently, water spots can happen on wood floors. Depending upon the extent of vulnerability, they will look as white or black spots. The difference between the two is that white stains are current when the moisture is trapped at the conclusion of the ground. Black spots are caused when the moisture has stopped the finish and seeped into the true wood and will require more work to remove. Again, your very best defense is to clean up any spills before stains could occur. Black spots are more difficult to remove and require more extreme measures. You might want to consider having the floor professionally repaired if you feel you are not up to the job. It could be just as easy to replace the planks in the affected region then to try and repair them. If you choose to fix by yourself, you will have to realize you may not be entirely successful. MyCleanLink offers other hints for removing stains from hardwood flooring.